Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Realmadrid and barcelona have made the title race down to 2 games with real Madrid having a game advantage,the race would commence on 8 pm CET with Madrid's game against Celta and on weekend there will be real-malaga and barca-eibar. Laliga technical committee announced day before that the referre  Alejandro Hernandez who denied that half meter inside  goal in the Barca's match against betis(Alba)(game 20,1-1)will lead barca-eibar game,and real Madrid-malaga game will be ruled by Basque Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea,who allowed morata's offside goal against celta which eventually became decider in Madrid's win against celta(2-1).

Though classico was also referried by hernandez in which he turned quite a blind eye to Casemiro's iterating foul's on Messi,though he did get Ramos sent off for his wild evasion into Messi.

Hernandez favoured Madrid on numerous occasion ,in espanyol-madrid(0-2) he did not see two clear penalties of Pepe and Ramos when Madrid were 1-0,and on another occasion in the game against sporting awarded a penalty for an imaginative foul on Lucas Vazquez.

Talking of the legend of De Burgos Bengoetxea,his error gave Madrid two points against Celta,he cancelled pique's goal against malaga (0-0),he worked in the madrid's win against Valencia (2-1),he just ignored the clear penalty in madrid derby which eventually ended in a draw,which Atletico might have won.

If the games were to be even,the points would be :
    Barca       91(+2 betis,+2 pique goal malaga)
    Real         81(-2 sporting,-2 espanyol,-2 celta)(1 game remaining)
(In this situation barca win even if Real win both their remaining games and barca get defeated in both.)

But situation now is:
    Barca       87
    Real         87(1 game remaining)